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Jory Prison

“We're never too old for beauty. No matter how old we are, we can enjoy a bouquet of flowers.” – I agree with you! My grandmother owns a very beautiful garden filled with different kinds of flowers. Whenever I felt sad, I would go there and have a cup of tea with her. We just stayed there and looked at all the flowers, and then, I would feel better. Flowers have amazing ways to cheer you up whenever you’re down. I haven’t been in my grandma’s place for years now, but just remembering the look of her garden and her flowers always puts a smile on my face.

Angela Wheelock

Hi Jory,
Thank you for your comment. Heres another flower story. My mother has a bulb that blooms in the summer that she calls Star of Bethlehem. It was given to her by her fathers brother, who kept it from a start given him by his mother - my mothers great-grandmother. No one really knows how far back in the family the flower was handed down. When I come home and see this plant blooming, I always smile and think of my the women in my mothers family who have nurtured it over the long years.

Happy Summer.


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