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Melanie Foster

Your post is just what I am looking for. My eldery grandparents eat like birds. I am pretty worried about their health. You cleared out here many interesting facts I don't know before. Thanks a million!

Angela Wheelock

Hi Melanie,
Im happy you learned something. Someone once said that if their blog post even helped one person they were happy. Good luck with your grandparents. My mom is like that too. My dad, however, still has a healthy appetite. He doesnt always eat what he should, but he definitely eats. One last suggestion, try and get your grandparents to talk about favorite foods from the past. Maybe old childhood treats would do the trick.


Serena Guzik

Losing appetite is a normal part of aging. Another reason why your parents may not be eating properly is because they may be having difficulty in chewing their food. Most elderly have teeth or gum problems. That is why it is better to recommend softer foods. Try to offering appetizing vegetable soups, protein fruits, and tender meat or poultry. That way, they will be able to enjoy eating. You can also seek supplements that are chewable or in soft gel capsule form. Today, there's a lot of it that are really healthy and tasty as well.

Angela Wheelock

Hi Serena,
Thanks for the suggestions.


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