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Ann Alka WorkingBoomer

This story touched my heart. I came from a small town and was a change of life child. Most of the time, I was around the elderly. I can remember them telling stories for hours. Some repeated the stories over and over. I listened. I learned from them. At times they would laugh at their stories. I loved to hear their laughter. Thank you for sharing and being a caring listener.

Angela Wheelock

Hi Ann,
Yes, I love hearing stories too. My grandmother and great-uncle were great storytellers and many of the native elders in the North were amazing storytellers. Few people find time to listen today or at least thats what it seems to me. Theyre missing out on a wonderful part of life. Im glad you found time to listen and enjoy the stories. Im sure youll always treasure those moments.

Cara Larose

Listening to the stories from a nursing home would make you feel different emotions. But it's going to be a learning process as they relate experiences from their past. Another thing, they should be more appreciated.

Angela Wheelock

Hi Cara,
Absolutely. I agree that older peoples stories (all peoples stories) should be more appreciated. I have spent a great deal of time in Native American communities where old people are referred to as Elders, and, usually, their stories are very valued.

Thank you for your comment.


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